Dennis Weaver
Deputy Marshal Sam McCloud

J.D. Cannon
Chief of Detectives Peter B. Clifford

Diana Muldaur
Chris Coughlin

Terry Carter
Sgt. Joe Broadhurst

Ken Lynch
Sgt. Grover

Ken Scott
Det. Polk

Sidney Clute
Det. Simms

Tracy Reed
Carol Broadhurst

Teri Garr
Sgt. Phyllis Norton

Coleen Gray
Mrs. Clifford

Della Reese
Sgt. Gladys Harris

Dee Timberlake


McCloud Production Staff and Crew


Deputy Marshal Sam McCloud of Taos, N.M. is sent to the 21st Precinct of the NYPD to study local police methods and stay close to his girl, Chris Coughlin, a journalist. McCloud is a keen and brilliant investigator who garbs his talents in a Stetson and a sheepskin coat—“there ya go” is his byword.

Chief Clifford’s disregard of his manner frequently puts him in unavailing positions, but his original view of the city allows him to follow difficult cases to often far-reaching conclusions.

President Theodore Roosevelt appointed Bat Masterson as Deputy Marshal of New York City in 1905. Masterson called New York “America’s biggest boobtown.”

McCloud is a variant of Coogan’s Bluff (Don Siegel, dir.), and features elaborate writing, bold action, and the quintessence of high comedy.

Dennis Weaver was nominated for an Emmy in 1974 and 1975.

Who Killed Miss U.S.A.? (Portrait of a Dead Girl)


Who Says You Can’t Make Friends in New York City? (Man from Taos I)

Horse Stealing on Fifth Avenue (Manhattan Manhunt I)

The Concrete Corral (Murder Arena I)

The Stage Is All the World (Manhattan Manhunt II)

Walk in the Dark (Murder Arena II)

Our Man in Paris (Man from Taos II)


Encounter with Aries

Top of the World, Ma!

Somebody’s Out to Get Jennie

The Disposal Man

A Little Plot at Tranquil Valley

Fifth Man in a String Quartet

Give My Regrets to Broadway


The New Mexican Connection

The Barefoot Stewardess Caper

The Park Avenue Rustlers

Showdown at the End of the World

The Million Dollar Roundup


Butch Cassidy Rides Again

The Solid Gold Swingers

A Cowboy in Paradise

The Colorado Cattle Caper

This Must Be the Alamo


The Barefoot Girls of Bleecker Street

The Gang That Stole Manhattan

Shivaree on Delancy Street

The 42nd Street Cavalry

The Concrete Jungle Caper

The Man with the Golden Hat

Lady on the Run


Return to the Alamo


Park Avenue Pirates

Showdown at Times Square


Three Guns for New York

Our Man in the Harem

The Day New York Turned Blue

Night of the Shark


Bonnie and McCloud

‘Twas the Fight Before Christmas...

The Great Taxicab Stampede

The Moscow Connection

London Bridges

McCloud Meets Dracula


The Return of Sam McCloud