Who Killed Miss U.S.A.? (Portrait of a Dead Girl)

McCloud escorts a witness from New Mexico to New York City, but loses him to kidnappers and enters a murder case involving a Puerto Rican “organization”, the authoress of a book on the subject, a sophisticated defense lawyer, and a dead beauty pageant winner.

Pilot for the series, from Coogan’s Bluff (dir. Don Siegel).

A major work by Whitmore and Link & Levinson, a major work by Colla who finds on location the city, as later Boston (Fuzz). Such views can only be compared to Flicker’s Nieuw Amsterdam (The Troublemaker), here in color (Ben Colman cinematography).

The cutting freshness of morning light may well have influenced Shaft (dir. Gordon Parks) nine months later.

Turnabout is fair play, as the big city had come to the country by way of In the Heat of the Night (dir. Norman Jewison) a year before Siegel.

Craig Stevens Whitman
Peter Mark Richman Peter B. Clifford
Raul Julia
Father Nieves
Shelly Novack
James Waldron
Julie Newmar
Adrienne Redman
Albert Popwell
Gregory Sierra
First Deputy
Bill Baldwin
First Reporter

Story by Stanford Whitmore
Written by Stanford Whitmore, Richard Levinson and William Link
Directed by Richard A. Colla