The Stage Is All the World (Manhattan Manhunt II)

McCloud, whose new-found celebrity (thanks to an article by Chris Coughlin in the Chronicle) vexes the Department, is assigned to protect a British theatrical maven who has received letters assailing his “filthy, obscene” productions and threatening his life.

The British Invasion

A fine bravura defense of the nation against the cultural phenomenon pictured here as an off-Broadway fantasy on virgin sacrifice. There is a striking feint along the lines of mere old-fashionedness, and Richard Dawson’s performance as the Cockney enfant terrible who swallows up publicity (and whatever else lies to hand) sets the tone.

Albert Popwell as the stage manager starts the thing by bringing up Brecht.


Richard Dawson Ted Callender
Christina Sinatra
Jennifer Houghton
Murray Matheson
Richard Van Vleet
Les Lander
Albert Popwell
Gus Milner
Bill Dungan

Written by Norman Hudis
Directed by Russ Mayberry  

184B, 10.7.70

Ted Callender’s show (the title is Overkill...) is performed at the Theatre de Lys.


(McCloud is to make himself scarce from here on.)
CHIEF CLIFFORD: Do I make myself clear?
McCLOUD: Comin’ in like a bear in December.
CHIEF CLIFFORD: McCloud, I don’t even wanna know what that means.

CHIEF CLIFFORD: (To McCloud, about the Ted Callender case and its fripperies.) Should be right up your corral.

McCLOUD: Chief, I didn’t ask to come to New York, but since I’m here, I’d like to feel that I’m useful.
CHIEF CLIFFORD: So would I. But you can’t have everything.

(Chris Coughlin wants to know how her article on “The Marshal from Manhattan” went over with Chief Clifford.)
It hit him about like a three-day case o’ prairie chiggers.

(Ted Callender’s mod cocktail party.)
CHIEF CLIFFORD: (On telephone.) How do things look there?
McCLOUD: Like Halloween.
CHIEF CLIFFORD: Well, now you know what a showfolk hoedown looks like.

(Some actors are “psychically unstable,” Chief Clifford explains.)
McCLOUD: For them, it’s not “all the world’s a stage,” it’s “the stage is all the world.”
CHIEF CLIFFORD: (With mild appreciation.) Uh, you read [He uses the present tense.] Shakespeare in the bunkhouse.
McCLOUD: I thought that was Zane Grey.

TED CALLENDER: (To McCloud.) There’s not a lawyer in the land that can do to that jury what I can do, mate. I can mesmerize ‘em.

(The hoosegow for Ted Callender.)
McCLOUD: Let’s go.
TED CALLENDER: Lead on, MacDuff. You know, I’m going to make you a star!
McCLOUD: Oh, you bet y’are.