Horse Stealing on Fifth Avenue (Manhattan Manhunt I)

McCloud is becoming famous thanks to press coverage. It doesn’t endear him to the boys in blue, who have to deal with a string of drugstore holdups.

The Marshal from Manhattan

The oblique pun never turns (at least in the shorter combined version) on heroin but finally on Officer Shannen’s Toby, borrowed by McCloud for a quick ride to Central Park.

The title of this note is the title of Chris Coughlin’s feature article in her father’s newspaper. All the hubbub about the press and all the to-do about the Vietnam veteran robbing drugstores to support his habit come down to the little boy’s line at the end of The Green Berets, “I’ll try.”


Lorraine Gary Joan Stanford
Howard Curtis
Arnold Stanford
Leo Gordon Officer
William Bryant
Angus Duncan
Dr. Bussey
Bill Wintersole  
Lab Man
Bill Baldwin
2nd Reporter
Ric Mancini
Tony Ballen
Jeff Burton
1st Reporter

Written by Glen A. Larson
Directed by Bruce Kessler

184A, 9.23.70

McCLOUD: There ain’t two men that move exactly alike.
CHIEF CLIFFORD: Sounds like quite a police tool. You get much use for that down in New Mexico?
McCLOUD: Oh, we’ve used it t’ advantage from time to time.

JOAN STANFORD: I read about you in the papers.
McCLOUD: Yeah, I’ve been in the papers, sorry to say.

(McCloud finally resolves to obey Chief Clifford’s strictures concerning excessive individual initiative by the Department.)
CHRIS COUGHLIN: (Mocking McCloud’s twang.) Well, Marshal, your code of the West just may come in for a slight whuppin’. Something’s come up.

McCLOUD: (On horseback, to patrolman in Central Park.) I hate to put it to you like this under the circumstances, but which way’d he go?

McCLOUD: I’m not gonna hurt ya, and I’ll see that nobody else hurts ya, either. But I gotta know that you’re willin’ to try.
ARNOLD STANFORD: (Pause.) I’ll try.
McCLOUD: Thatta boy.