The Naked Gun
From the Files of Police Squad!

Dispatching the nation’s enemies abroad is no mean trick, Lt. Frank Drebin handles it almost effortlessly by way of The Three Stooges.

Pillar of the community, philanthropist, shipping magnate, real estate tycoon, heroin merchant, murderer for hire by deep hypnotic control, Victor Ludwig takes the rest of the film after the credits to undo.




The Naked Gun 2
The Smell of Fear

The tightly constructed surrealism of the earlier film is somewhat more veiled, the gags punched up. An environmental Dr. Strangelove named Meinheimer is replaced with a double by energy companies because he has the President’s ear.

The real Meinheimer puts a banquet to sleep with his plan, the crowd is awakened (cf. Donen’s Arabesque) with his reading from a paperback novel called Strokin’ the Love Muffin (cf. Rosenberg’s Cool Hand Luke).