The Way We Live Now

Itís fundamentally who you can con, and for how much, until you get caught. Melmotteís cry as heís standing for Parliament is heard from street to street, whatís needed is a man who understands ďthe way we live nowĒ.

His business ventures will bring enlightenment to the Hottentots, ease for the coolies and liberty to the Slavs, except heís a complete fraud. When a film critic for The New Yorker publishes a book on being taken by just such an empty show, itís a sad day indeed for letters. Evidently the best work on The New Economy is an old one.

The Beeb is galvanized by Trollope like frog legs at Maximís. Masterpiece Theatre understands The Way We Live Now, because it has embarked upon a venture to remake, it would seem, the masterpieces that made its name. Itís all the rage now, redoing the past. The only trouble is, itís one hell of a way to run a railroad.