I would have to tell your very way story
as at bedtime you would have me tell your newspapers
as at breakfast croissants and cornflakes with milk
your wanders over the things at very close range things
wonder meant to say the things my very things
your very things all things yours mine ours all summed
up in the line of things as under-represented or as
over the things the way I say it goes over the things
at either hand you soar it mercies either hand take
thing and thing another thing a hope a wish a will
a hope a wish a dream cast all out overboard begone
you wish you will you wink you hope of dreast or com
or suffix whatsoever figures on a paper screed and screwed
to hold the candy favor you have once or twice beheld
it is a twice having held or twice also healed and thrice
having wonder of the way it’s gone be going noever stay
your going on coming back no staying coming back the
reach of all the staying all the wonderment the puzzlement
the hopes dreams fears lies hopefulness and sallies of the lot
that pearl the path strewn libelously with fears hopes dreams
quadrupled you have come and gone been there done that
bought the toga it is yours you’ve earned it and your steps
as stations of the crossing cross and re-cross tell the tale