The Quest

Borzage and Tchaikovsky are assuredly the models, I mean Man’s Castle and The Nutcracker, for the Depression-era clown on stilts and the grand entertainment of an international meet. Chaplin and Keaton also figure in New York, Cops is shown in an erudite and fleeting reference as Dubois flees over a wall.

There’s not any ounce of dullness in it, rather you have pirates and fight schools, Leone’s New York, Blake Edwards’ girl reporter, a trip to the Orient and the grand vengeance match over a dead Siamese fighter as the giant Mongol steps out of the ring for a bout with the Yankee scrapper.

And in the midst of it all, while nation battles nation for the Golden Dragon, a small zeppelin is used to lift it, criminally speaking.

Tarzan’s Three Challenges is a typical example of the great Saturday matinee the critics missed in their dreary and unending childhoods.