2. Tower


I dined upon an orange in the shade of an orange tree

When, all at onceÖ
It wasnít the eruption of Vesuvius
It wasnít the cloud of grasshoppers, one of Egyptís ten plagues

Nor Pompeii
It wasnít the resuscitated cries of giant mastodons

It wasnít the Trumpet foretold
Nor Pierre Brissetís frog
When, all at once,

Fresh leaps
Spark of simultaneous horizons

My sex


††††††††† O Eiffel Tower!
I havenít fitted you with shoes of gold
I havenít set you dancing on pavements of crystal
I havenít vowed you to the Python like a virgin of Carthage
I havenít wrapped you in the Greek peplos

I havenít even made you divagate within the ring of menhirs
I havenít named you Davidís Rod nor Cross Wood
Lignum Crucis

††††††††† O Eiffel Tower

Mammoth firework of the Universal Exposition!
On the Ganges
At Benares
Amidst the onanistic spinning-tops of Hindu temples

And the colorful cries of Oriental multitudes
You incline, gracious Palm!
It was you in the legendary epoch of the Hebraic people

Confounded the tongue of man
O Babel!
And some thousand years later, it was you again fell in tongues of

†††† fire on the Apostles assembled in your church
On the open sea youíre a mast
And at the North Pole

You gleam with all the magnificence of the aurora borealis of

†††† your wireless telegraph
Lianas tangle up with eucalyptus
And you float, old tree trunk, on the Mississippi

Your mouth opens

And a cayman seizes a Negroís thigh
In Europe youíre like a scaffold
(Iíd like to be the tower, hang on the Eiffel Tower!)

And when the sun is setting behind you
Bonnotís head rolls neath the guillotine
In the heart of Africa itís you running



In Australia youíve ever been taboo
Youíre the gaff that Captain Cool employed to steer his boat of
†††† adventurers
O celestial sounding-line!

For the Simultaneous Delaunay, to whom I dedicate this poem,
Youíre the brush he steeps in light


Gong tam-tam Zanzibar beast of the jungle X-rays express

†††† scalpel symphony

Youíre all

Ancient God
Modern beast

Solar spectrum
Subject of my poem
Tower of the world
Tower in motion


August 1913.