15. Fantomas


You studied the grand siècle in the History of the French Navy by Eugène


“Paris, The Branch Bookshop”, 1835,

“4 vols. super royal 16mo”

Fine pea-flower of pure Catholicism



Simultaneism is a look to the past

You led me to the Cape to Father Moche in Mexico

And you brought me back to Saint Petersburg where I’d already been

It’s just over there

You turn right to catch the streetcar

Your argot is as lively as the sentimental inanity of your mooing heart

Alma mater Cow Humanity

But everything machinery staging scene-changes etc. etc.

Is plagiarized directly from Homer, that chatelet


There’s also a good page

     “... you imagine, Monsieur Barzum, that I would allow you to ruin my
     plans, turn my daughter in, you had that in mind?... Come now!

     Underneath your seeming intelligence, you’re just a fool...”
And it’s not my least merit to cite the king of thieves

“Vol. 21, The Lost Train, p. 367”


We have many traits in common

I’ve been in jail

I’ve spent ill-gotten gains

I know more than 120,000 postage stamps all different and more joyous
     than the Louvre’s No. No.


Like you

Industrial heraldist

I’ve studied the trademarks registered at the International Office of

     International Patents


There are still things worth a go

Every morning from 9 to 11



March 1914.