10. Last Hour


“Oklahoma, January 20th, 1914”
Three convicts procured revolvers
They killed their jailer and grabbed the prison keys

They hurtled out of their cells and killed four guards in the

Then they grabbed the young prison stenographer
And mounted a carriage waiting for them at the gate

They departed at top speed

While the guards emptied their revolvers in the direction of the



Some guards jumped on horseback and dashed off in pursuit of

     the convicts
From both sides shots were exchanged
The girl was wounded with a shot fired by one of the guards


A bullet struck dead the horse pulling the carriage
The guards were able to approach
They found the convicts dead their bodies riddled with bullets

Mr. Thomas, former member of Congress who was visiting the

Congratulated the girl


Telegram-poem copied out of Paris-Midi


January 1914.