une journée bien remplie

neuf meurtres insolites
dans une même journée
par un seul homme
dont ce n’est pas le métier.

The title simply means a full day, as one should say, adding a few notes on the business in verse, strange killings the same day, nine, by a single man, not his job anyway.

The director and screenwriter essays the stage director role for an outdoor Hamlet en français, his model for this is Barrymore in Hawks’ Twentieth Century.

Question of a late son and jurors.

The direction is perfectly cinematic. An assistant, Beineix, takes on the influence. Moving pictures and actors who love acting make the style, with a Russellian understanding of music (Mahler, Bach, Verdi, Wagner).

A work of genius, a delightful film, rare, as critics would say.

Mel Brooks recalls the missing camera car in High Anxiety, J. Lee Thompson the crane gag in Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects.