Andy’s Fun House

Mr. Show Biz, an unshakeable tyrant, viz. The Alan Brady Show.

The 50-ft. cannon in Spain.

Like Peter Sellers’ Fu Manchu, an Elvis imitator.

The Andy Kaufman Special. ABC, according to imperishable legend, kept it in the canister for two years.

The blank surly idiot who, please God, has found his niche.

Counsel from William Cullen Bryant, “Mack the Knife” with Cindy Williams, “someone snea—kin’... round that corner... could that some—one... be...”

Nothing but dead air in his head, in his head there’s nowt but dead air, dead air and nought else, a goo-induced ulcer lends him personality, with an ulcer he’s Sid Caesar. Gail Slobodkin out-troupers him, Howdy Doody trumps him with the real article (cp. The Errand Boy, dir. Jerry Lewis).

Homage to Jack Benny (Charley’s Aunt, dir. Archie Mayo), “I’ll have a cup of coffee!”