On The Twelfth Day…

A literal interpretation of Truelove and his Christmas gifts, with a cumulative effect remembered in Finney’s Charlie Bubbles, memorably.


In the Picture
Three Cases of Murder

The famous anecdote of Turner and Constable, given a full analysis.

There is nothing like it short of Dali’s 50 Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship.

One of the greatest achievements of the British cinema, followed by Eady and O’Ferrall.


The Stranger Left no Card

Alan Badel in the original of Stranger in Town, a pair of masterpieces to draw to, practically the same.

“The perfect crime was over.”


Stranger in Town

An actor’s tour de force, Derek Jacobi as Toye’s Christopher Columbus in a second version of The Stranger Left no Card, a simple case of murder left unpunished too long, and then...