The Good People

“... of Dodge City,” a solicitous phrase, another title would be “Good Intentions”. Every character has a buck to pass in a good light.

Cattlemen string up a rustler, find out he’s the wrong man, leave him be for the good of the spread. A bounty hunter cuts him down and puts a bullet in him for the reward, on the strength of a wanted poster.

The resemblance is considerable, the bounty hunter tells all, there’s a trial. Dillon interviews the cattlemen, notes the uneasy second son, a foundling, and calls him as a juryman.

An approximate goodness, with the best of intentions set right by the majesty of the law.


The Phoenix
Mission: Impossible

A rare bird in the adverse party is an abstract sculpture, roughly akin to Gabo and Falkenstein, and very large, containing a unique alloy and meant to propel an official to the heights.

An elder statesman of the Iron Curtain praises it as expressing “the struggle.” Barney and Willy laboriously remove the alloy and make the thing explode a bit, just enough to startle the statesman and get the official arrested.

Rollin and Cinnamon are assassins remembering the old days of roundup and execution, interrogated as a diversion.

Phelps is a security man for the adverse party.