Hot Millions

The Americans won the war and everything else, the title obliquely refers to France, Italy and Germany rebuilt.

This is represented as a megalithic American corporation whose London chief has a portrait of Napoleon in his office and the motto “diversify” on his desk, he wants “big chunks of the world” and so forth. A clever embezzler works the computer to fund dummy companies abroad and pocket the proceeds.

There is a wisdom in this, artistically conveyed it passeth understanding as investment.

A true poet of the cinema (the dinner of bangers, etc.) carries it off.

Vincent Canby of the New York Times really paid no attention but agreed overall with Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times, “a pleasant, warm one.”

Halliwell’s Film Guide took the other tack, “elaborate, talky, overlong comedy with irresistible star turns.”


To Catch a Killer

The John Wayne Gacy case in its investigative phase.

The concluding image is lent by perspective, a construction site above a graveyard, beside a river and electrical towers.


Duct Tape Forever

Red Green, like his suspenders.

The defence of Possum Lodge.

The Canada goose.

A work of genius, especially invaluable for its brilliant analysis of the motherloving antagonist.

It shits out Harold, but he comes into his own, nice homage to George Formby.