Soft Targets
Play for Today

Low-level Soviet, a part-time journalist in London, can’t get himself arrested to save his life, so to speak.

English girl, cocktail waitress at a hotel bar, drifts into suicide or nearly.

They meet under odd, suspicious circumstances, all eyes upon them and all that, but nothing’s up whatsoever, his articles aren’t published, she’s vague not mysterious.

He wants to be a film director, British Intelligence pick him up at a theater showing Out of the Blue and Circle of Deceit, he’s not Gen. Bugin, he wants to go home.

Burgon’s score cites the Song of the Fisherman from Stravinsky’s Le Rossignol.

Ian Holm, Helen Mirren “etc. etc.”, by Stephen Poliakoff with a bit of the Soviet Residence suggested, the F.O. and so forth.