Boris and Natasha

The breakthrough is Robert Altman’s Popeye, from which this profits greatly. In a congenial environment, all you have to do is put Sally Kellerman and Dave Thomas in front of the camera to see things happen, and Smith provides one.

The transposition is a far extrapolation from the cartoon that hits the high note and lets it reverberate. The secret lair of the baddies is up a nose on Mt. Rushmore, Natasha learns mall fashion, Anthony Newley plays Sal Manelli in a scene adapted from The Conversation, and it goes like that, a long drink of water and a short Kodiak bear wearing the “hokey outfits Americans love.”





A very humoristic venture into covert operations with a tenuous link to the company store, primarily characterized by its irony and sense of detachment in relation to The Man Who Would Be King.