The Mysterious Rider

A hugely complicated Zane Grey Western, which is so invigorated by the Western air of its superb locations, it keeps a handful of plot elements up in it until the final shootout, some of these shake out in such later films as The War Wagon and True Grit. With Douglas Dumbrille as Pecos Bill (alias Ben Wade), Sidney Toler as his trailcook sidekick, on the lookout for an “old-time muffin pan” to make his muffins rise, and a fine score.


The Light of Western Stars

The limited lets off a Gibson girl from Boston at an empty depot in New Mexico in the middle of the night. Over to the saloon Victor Jory in his cups has laid a bet he’ll marry the next new girl in town, he gets wind of her and grabs a Mexican parson. At the same time, there’s gunplay and a very young Alan Ladd has to leave town. Jory’s just about married when he finds out who her brother is, so... these first twenty minutes are some of the best in all of cinema, and include murderous gunrunners to Mexico and a filibuster who is Jory.

A terrific film.


The Sky Dragon

“Now, ladies and gentlemen, with kind indulgence of all, would like to present little scene in manner of Chinese drama.”

Charlie Chan is aboard an airliner when all are drugged, a shipment of money stolen, and a man murdered.

An excellent mystery with a surprising conclusion remarked by Variety.

“Wise playwright plan ahead, so that movement of actors does not disturb play.”