Murder on the Orient Express

The case is updated. Not only is Hercule Poirot familiar with the use of a personal computer, his suspects in the murder of Mr. Ratchett are “software designers, fitness instructors and refined ladies”.

The grand jest of Lumet’s film is lent a small afterthought, M. Poirot suddenly has a vacancy in the next compartment, which is fortuitously taken by a lady of his acquaintance who surprises him by meeting the train at Beograd.

The grande dame is Leslie Caron, the victim is Peter Strauss, the actress is Meredith Baxter, the detective is Alfred Molina.

To the great consternation of those who are unaware that a book is not a movie and vice versa, snow does not fall in great abundance on the track, stopping the Orient Express, but rocks.

One of the suspects goes on to become “the king of infomercials”.