Myra Breckinridge

The critic’s dream.

“My purpose in coming to Hollywood is the destruction of the American male in all its particulars,” for the sake of The Andrews Sisters, Tarzan and the Amazons (dir. Kurt Neumann), etc. (the critic has good taste).

“You have a lot to learn. All you men have a lot to learn. And I have taken it upon myself to teach you.”

Critics were outraged, Variety complained of “artless direction,” Time Out Film Guide calls it “a major travesty.”

Halliwell’s Film Guide (“sleazy and aimless”) provides a sampling of the reviews, “witless, lip-smacking, continuously inept” (John Simon), “about as funny as a child molester” (Time), “exploitation” (Newsweek), recalling the professional outcry against Bergman’s satire on critics, Now About All These Women.