The Bob Newhart Show

Very busy professional lives in Chicago, the odd moment, the odd neighbor, the odd tree.

A successful analysis might be said to proceed from the tree, and no mistake.


Ted’s Moment of Glory
The Mary Tyler Moore Show

“Ted Baxter’s farewell,” as announced by himself.

This produces a complete impression, as one should say, of the press and its power in howsoever straitened circumstances, vis--vis the “quizmaster”.



London Suite

Gulliver in Lilliput, the American husband lying on the floor of his suite at Grosvenor House, his back is out, the Wimbledon tickets are in his wife’s purse where she hasn’t looked.

Another husband is late for his honeymoon, detained at the airport for cocaine possession (a mix-up), the bride thinks it’s because they fought on the plane, drunk.

A widow and her daughter meet an elderly psychosomatic Scotsman, he takes the mother out to the Theatre Royal.

An English TV star from California, her ex-husband lives on a Greek island with an abstract sculptor named Maria or Max, dying.

Top people (Michael Richards and Julie Hagerty, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Madeline Kahn and Richard Mulligan—as Dick Van Dyke, yet—Patricia Clarkson and Kelsey Grammer) cover the roles beautifully filmed, a work of genius.

The actor “who sounds like a beer” (Guinness) and “the good one” (Gielgud) are mentioned in the pub after the play, it was Gielgud who discerned the importance of being earnest in that play, Simon says much the same thing stylistically.

Thus William Franklyn standing behind the hotel desk, sliding an ashtray over to receive his handkerchief back from the forlorn bride at her wits’ end.