Barefoot in the Park

The bride who plays a lively game of tennis to spark the interest, then jumps the net to incinerate the groom.

Therefore he returns service.

Nothing like solipsism on a honeymoon.

The marital gadget is a famous fifth-floor walkup with a hole in the skylight, “in February?”

It’s all a total negation till she asks her mother, then everybody gets lost, just this far from Central Park where it’s two degrees or seventeen.

So it’s a very happy time, in a young couple’s life.


The Odd Couple

The same organizational principle governs The Seven Year Itch, it has to be the starting point.

New York, hot summer, wives away, the tomatoes from upstairs, the janitor and the executive.

In fact, they are the sportswriter and the TV newswriter, insufferable. They deserve each other and they get each other, it improves them both. Even the tomatoes come out ahead on this deal, in a way.