Corvette K-225

Convoy duty in the Royal Canadian Navy, green crew mostly, officers too, one of the latter fresh out of training school isn’t used to it.

His sister is subtly associated with the “soul” of the ship, one of the many great feats performed.

Bosley Crowther of the New York Times (“a tough, manly film”) described the action most usefully in his review, storms and planes and subs beset the convoy.

The terrible surface battle with a Nazi sub that sank the captain’s last corvette and machine-gunned its crew in the water is a fearsome spectacle that chews up ship and men very badly.

A sad and serious film on the contingency of war, the exigency of it, too.

“Not particularly exhilarating” is how Tom Milne puts it in Time Out Film Guide.

“Marred by romantic interest,” says Halliwell’s Film Guide, sharing the confusion of other reviewers like kids at the kinema.