The Queen of Peru
The Rockford Files

In this version of the Book of Exodus, a diamond is stolen by a gang that splits over the loot, half wanting to sell it back to Boston Fire & Casualty for fifty cents on the dollar, and half in deadly pursuit of the rest.

Rockford is on retainer at BF&C with a new agent who knows not the son of Joseph, a lieutenant colonel in the Army National Guard about to go on “amphibious maneuvers at Marina del Rey”.

Happy wanderers from Indiana in an RV called “The Queen of Peru” pass through the whole affair noisily and heedlessly. Rockford plays a Moses of sorts to them on Pacific Coast Highway, when the gang tries to hijack the RV in pursuit of the diamond.

The script by David Chase is one of those masterpieces of rapid writing and deft intricacies which seem impossible to shoot in a week or ten days, yet Rosenberg takes in all the profusion of setups and characterizations with all but unruffled placidity.