Présentation ou Charlotte et son steak

One reel of impeccable Swiss comedy with a Frenchman on the doormat.


Une étudiante d’aujourd’hui

The scientific study of heartbeats in a dissected creature, a job at the National Center for Scientific Research with a cat behind glass and wired for brainwaves, then a cat’s brain sectioned for microscope slides.

There is Hiroshima mon amour in the Latin Quarter, modern music, art. New buildings and so forth.

At home she bathes the infant, Pop shoots a photo then smiles.


Die Marquise von O…

The two-way street Rohmer envisages is not the one indicated by a German-French co-production merely, but the other one too that Bruno Ganz’s resemblance to Napoleon in this part conveys.

The paintings throughout that have served as models rise to shocking interpositions here and there, Fuseli’s The Nightmare for the drugged Marquise is a good example.