Them Thar Hills

The high life leaves Ollie with a gouty foot. Off where the revenooers capture moonshiners who’ve dumped their goods in the well.

Gassed, Stan and Ollie entertain a bickering couple out of gas. The husband returns after hauling a charitable can of gasoline back to the car, only to find the wife drunk too.

Knockabout, ending with Ollie’s ass on fire, he of the ithyphallic foot (County Hospital). The well explodes him.


The Live Ghost

Shanghaied sailors aboard a “haunted” ship see a real ghost and jump over the side, a mate with a coat of paint (cp. Parrott’s The Hoose-Gow).

Laurel & Hardy are among them but stay on board to be twisted “north and south” by the superstition-hating captain, accompanying the mate’s wife aboard in this remote variant of Guiol’s Why Girls Love Sailors.


Tit for Tat

The dignity of Mr. Hardy suffers a rebuke from Mr. Hall, the groceryman next door, and a war of traded insults follows, while a very polite burglar cleans out Laurel & Hardy Electrical Supplies.

Gags and props in excelsis, sidewalk elevator, ladder, light bulbs, marshmallows, Mrs. Hall, a container of alum, various items in the two shops, and a moving van.


The Fixer Uppers

An artist in a duel with a greeting-card salesman (Oliver Hardy), occasioned by the artist’s wife hiring the fellow to make her husband jealous.

Stan Laurel, a partner in the business, recounts the original story (Slipping Wives) as an anecdote.