The Pharmacist

Mr. Dilweg (W.C. Fields) sells stamps, mostly. The wife dresses up to hear two ladies ask for the ladies’ room.

The young daughter eats the canary. The older one loves a man named Cuthbert.

Eighteen highway miles by truck to deliver a box of cough drops. A police shootout takes place in the drug store, Cuthbert saves the day.


The Barber Shop

Cornelius O’Hare, who caught the bandit that robbed the Bank of Cucamonga City.

“Hey, what’s that dog doin’ in here?”

“Oh, it’s a very funny thing, the other day, uh, a man was in here, and I was shaving him. The razor slipped and I cut his ear off, the dog got it. Ever since, he’s been hanging around for—go ‘way, go ‘way, go ‘way.”


The Leather Necker

A Central American escapade. “Pardon my friend, he’s never been in a house before.”

Harry Langdon, a gone garbanzo in Lolita’s arms.

A truly sublime comedian.

“Run for your life,” says she, “the bandits are coming!”

“BANDITS CAPTURE U.S. MARINES” (“Jungle Swallows Missing Men” on the Rio Frijoles).

Sarge’s girl, a civvy street remembrance.