The Diplomat
Mission: Impossible

The opposition has obtained the location of America’s four missile control centers. A first strike is therefore possible, once the information is confirmed.

The IM Force offer two independent means of confirmation. The wife of an official high enough to have a red phone and phone book in his wall safe is being blackmailed by a photographer over a Paris affair. She is seduced by an enemy operative, lets him solve the blackmail and accept collateral, the names and numbers in the phone book photographed with his spy camera, after which he stirs all her Somazine pills in a glass and feeds her the result.

Phelps is an American agent in disguise as one of theirs, working for the phone company. By very elaborate means all this is made known to the opposition, so there can be no doubt that confirmation when it comes is an American ploy, and since both documents agree with the original source, doubtless their man is a double agent. He is therefore eliminated at once, Phelps is kept on a string, the girl is revived by an IMF doctor, and the opposition plan is literally sent to the incinerator.