Author, publisher and academic (the latter with decided reference to the Satyricon).

The director subsequently referred himself to Betrayal by way of insult deflected, or as we should say in the common way of business, analysis, a great foil to the hilarity generated in this gagfest, admirably well-directed.


Party Time

There’s nothing particularly funny about Party Time and its companion piece, The New World Order. The latter, which is so brief as to be a revue sketch, actually ends with something like a joke, and still it’s not at all funny, which is odd.

The funny thing is stifled in this environment of weekend oppression and workaday torture, but that’s just the way of it. Far better simply to write it down as such and for its own sake, or so as not to have been fooled.

A cocktail party and a torture chamber. The first suggests the last, and vice versa.