Hats Off

A rivalry of press agents over rival expositions at two Texas towns.

All the hoopla and all the ballyhoo mean a boxing match in one town and a Broadway show in the other, one of the agents is a girl with a beard.

A tenderhearted comedy under the pizzazz, with hotcha numbers and snappy style, Samuel Fuller’s contribution to the musical.


Outcasts of the City

An extremely low-budget expression of the American Occupation, put together as a complicated murder trial involving an American officer, his unauthorized German wife, her friend, and some ex-Wehrmacht soldiers. Stylistically very close to a Perry Mason episode, with excellent actors also seen there and elsewhere.


Anatomy of a Psycho

A small town in the desert. Youth of various types chum together, one is aggrieved at his brother’s conviction and execution for murder. He begins an escalating crime wave of revenge.

The excellent location shots around the pool have mountains in view. Raoul Walsh’s White Heat and its source in Howard Hawks’ Scarface are indicated.