When Eight Bells Toll

Gold bullion sunk in freighters at a convenient depth, hauled up later for booty.

Intimidation by taking of hostages is a feature of the operation ensuring silence.

The style enforces a demystification of the Bond films, our man is a naval commander on the killing end of the business.

Canby (New York Times) and Time Out Film Guide saw nothing, Variety was enthralled, Halliwell fair to middling.

Man of Aran and its shark fishers have a part to play.



The new German LZ 36 on its maiden voyage loads up in Norway and at sea for a mustard gas attack on British forces guarding the National Archives at a ruined Scottish castle.

A.H. Weiler derided the occasion in view of “subsequent holocausts” (New York Times) and considered the film quite worthless. “Just another wartime melodrama,” said Variety. “Undistinguished but entertaining”, says Halliwell’s Film Guide.