Five Days from Home

The distance from Angola State Prison in Louisiana to Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles.

A fine résumé of Narizzano’s Georgy girl can be discerned en route.

Yet this is a melodrama, as a critic would say, Thomas M. Pryor of the New York Times, for example, known by his initials, whose name is that of the principal character and of his son, Thomas M. Pryor, Jr.

The Arkansas insurance man and his secretary are left naked in a motel room along the way but not hungry, the Inspector whose name so nearly resembles that of Scrooge’s partner is called off the case, it’s Christmas.

“They’re all dead, Bogart, Cooper, Gable, Lombard,” says the drunk in an L.A. bar.

The title sequence seemingly pays homage to a colleague (The Naked Prey) from a sometime second unit director for Banacek.