Three the Hard Way

The title song imagines another race of besieged people and profits from it by way of a metaphor. Here is the concentration camp and the extermination scheme, aimed at black folks. Jay Robinson is the leader of the pack.

The red white and blue speeds across Brooklyn Bridge as three motorcyclists in leather. These ladies sap the will of the oppressor until he’s ripe for questioning. After that, it’s the liberation and home free.

Jim Kelly’s framed for dope and fights back, giving the camera even a good look at karate face to face. Jim Brown fights his way with a machine gun across the main hall to a coign of vantage. Behind him, Fred Williamson tumbles through French windows and sits up, in one movement, cigar undisturbed.

The directorial hand has the romance of Sunset Boulevard west of the Strip, shopping in Beverly Hills, etc. It moves to the resourcefulness of Chicago encountering its own remnants, and advances to the big-city homecoming of New York.