Baby: The Secret of the Lost Legend

The ithyphallic joke materializes out of a clinch in the jungle, a brontosaurus surprises the lovers in their tent. It is Mokele-Mbembe, it has a mate and a hatchling.

A palŠontologist engages an African army to subdue the beast, he kills a man at a street parade for photos verifying its fairy-tale existence.

And this is the structural marvel, the parade with its masked and costumed figures gives way to the African bush pilot and the hike into the jungle to the old chief who draws the creature in the dust, then the young chief and the Tristes Tropiques initiation of insect soup (this chief spits out a granola bar offered in exchange), the African soldiers of recent vintage.

The models are Godzilla for the filming of the creatures (on location in Ivory Coast) and King Kong for the venture, Rod Serling gives the theme as “The Odyssey of Flight 33” in The Twilight Zone.