The Mark of Zorro

A tale of Alta California, the Mexican Governor’s oppressions are opposed at Capistrano by a nobleman who rallies the rest and ousts him.

As the Scarlet Pimpernel of Old California, perhaps he should have been called Copa de Oro (Eschscholzia californica, the present State flower).

Fairbanks is intensely amusing as languid Don Diego with his handkerchief tricks, “Have you seen this one?” It all goes loftily into such films as Tessari’s Zorro, on this perfect basis.


Blood and Sand

An admirable study of temperament, a comedy of mores, masked after all in the manner of Resnais’ American uncle as a critique of the Toreo.

Niblo has a drop of verisimilitude to add fizz, he presses the grapes firmly in flat compositions that have disarmed the discerning because—well, at eighty minutes’ running time, the bloody thing skirts by lickety-split as though it were in a hurry, tintings and all, signed nevertheless by the Museum of Modern Art in New York.