Angel’s Flight

A place razed out of existence, Bunker Hill, writes its own poem.

Millard Sheets painted it, Nassour & Richardson film it.

The “classical bitch’s eye” (More Pricks Than Kicks) of a local girl turned vengeful stripper is exposed in hypostatically lyrical close-ups, technically extreme (cf. Douglas Hickox’s Sitting Target).

Clint Eastwood picks up the theme in Play Misty for Me (the painter) and Sudden Impact (the rape).

Police have a theory, a jealous man is razoring ladies’ men on the hill. Swarthy Mexican types fill her portraiture.

Beside the 3rd St. tunnel, you take the journey to Olive St. and a drinking fountain and phone booths directly opposite the Angels Flight Cafe, viewed from an upper floor window next to the top entrance where an alcoholic ex-writer shakes off a massacre in Haifa and the accidental death of his wife.