Terminator 3
Rise of the Machines

Fahrenheit 451 on television, even before Network, saw the dangers. Terminator 3 sees the Internet in the same way, paradoxically dangerous when “self-aware” by dint of its merits.

Criticism has prevaricated on this point, just as it did on Truffaut’s film. Television was more agreeable, at that time.

The real basis of the entire series is revealed at the end to be Logan’s Run as much as anything else. The dramatic effect of this after so much sequelization is profound, especially as the model for Michael Anderson’s film is Jack Shea’s The Monitors.

Schwarzenegger’s evocation of Karloff as Frankenstein’s monster (in the breakdown scene) is brief and telling. The totalitarian aspect comes from Alphaville.

The natural enemy is books, Bradbury and Truffaut tell us. Cameron and still more Mostow demonstrate the new enemy is cinema (and by extension, television), a large percentage of this film being a computer-generated cartoon.