The Shattered Silence
The Fugitive

The ceramicist who lives alone and needs a handyman for a show and comes to Kimball on a rainy two o’clock in the morning is an old hermit in the hills with two fierce dogs and a possessive streak.

They are played by Antoinette Bower and Laurence Naismith.

The exceptional skill with actors deployed by Morse keeps the whole thing on an even keel to the very last, betraying nothing.

Paul Mantee is the deputy she spurns in a friendly, objective way (cp. Hazel Court and Peter Mark Richman in “The Fear” on The Twilight Zone, dir. Ted Post).

The story of Rabbi Akiba and Rabbi Ben So-and-so, the Evans gambit, Thoreau at Walden Pond, make up the teleplay by Barry Oringer from a story by Ralph Goodman.