The Night of the Death Masks
The Wild Wild West

After a furious assault on the U.S. Mint in San Francisco, the murderous leader of the gang was sent to prison but escaped.

He creates a fictitious Nevada town called Paradox in which West shoots dummies that wound him and blankly fall. Gordon appears, costumed and made-up while in a state of unconsciousness, as the escapee for West to kill and mourn.

This very touching scenario has a variant in which West is killed by Gordon so disguised.

The direction is very original and forceful in its use of the camera right from the beginning.


The Night of the Fugitives
The Wild Wild West

Diamond Dave Desmond buys the Epitaph Mining Company in Colorado as a front, West captures his bookkeeper and holds him at the Church of Epitaph, in the attic.

A much more subdued style serves to point up Moder’s illustrative view of this edifice from spire to pavement.

Gordon masquerades as Hallelujah Harry, a Bible bore with a deft hand, to join the gang as the town’s new preacher. The gag is monstrously expanded when the real Hallelujah Harry shows up.

Simon Oakland takes the curt leader to superb sardonic heights, Susan Hart is his moll, Charles McGraw is bought-off Sheriff Baggs, the memorable bookkeeper is played by J.S. Johnson.


The Night of the Cossacks
The Wild Wild West

A very funny joke presented in costume, the royal hunting party of Prince Gregor (Guy Stockwell) is really headed for New Petersburg (“lots of Rooshians”) for the sacred icon stored there (repoussť Virgin and Child) that confers legitimacy.

The prince loves Maria (Alizia Gur), a servant. His sister Lina (Mary Frann) is contemptuous.

The late Grand Duke has been supplanted by the Tartar Count Balkovitch (John Van Dreelen), a striking figure who kidnaps Lina and holds her at a New Petersburg tavern called The Balalaika, he has proposed a wedding, he demands the icon.

Gordon delivers it (or nearly), disguised as an Orthodox priest.

The Dowager Duchess (Nina Foch) is of two minds.


The Night of the Tycoons
The Wild Wild West

The board chairman of the Jupiter Corporation rejects a “dump-and-panic” scheme proposed by his sister, she kills him and takes his place.

The rest of the board refuse to go along, she changes her plan from quick profits to control of the company. West is assigned to protect the board from an assassin whose identity is unknown but who early on uses the company’s latest product, a mercury phosphorus grenade.

The stage show at a local place of entertainment amuses West with performing seals, jugglers, and clowns, he is beset by them.

A dummy boardroom with a machine gun works the imagination for a real assault. The lady’s pugnacious nephew reluctantly assists West, and afterward weds her lonely secretary as head of the firm.