Dr. Tarr’s Torture Dungeon

Pabst took the story for Cose da pazzi in Italy under the Axis and beyond, Poe’s system is a commonplace of literary life, so-and-so has credentials and a reputable publisher, he writes with authority on his subject, immersed in his book you all at once realize (having missed the signs) it is the work of a madman.

The “soothing system” of Dr. Tarr and Prof. Fether.

The hero is a journalist, naturally.

In Chicago (Pat Graham of the Reader) this is a “Mexican nudie version of Shock Corridor” and a “drive-in quickie”.

Time Out Film Guide remarks “a curiosity”.

Also, and by report appreciably longer, released as The Mansion of Madness.

The first scene in Dr. Maillard’s clinic certainly looks forward to Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut, there is an ample sense of Dreyer’s Vampyr throughout.

Donne and Coleridge and LeRoy are cited.