Silent Rage

A number of films are convincingly laid on, and a number of other nuances. The Institute has a Saturn 3 medical monitor, Ron Silver does Al Pacino, Toni Kalem continually evokes Audrey Hepburn, Steven Keats disappears in his role. Altered States, Deliverance, this is the high-flown gag material of which the film is made.

The memorable opening shows a psychopath erupting, heís shot by nervous deputies and sent to the Institute, where they have a new formula that heals and improves the body.

The sheriff (Chuck Norris) has to deal with a deputy in love with a biker mama, who infests the town with her terrible gang. Plus an iffy ex-girlfriend who renews her romance with the sheriff.

The psycho canít be shot or stabbed or beaten, on the rampage he kills and kills until heís dropped like a stone in a well, for the nonce.