The Adventure of Caesar’s Last Sleep
Ellery Queen

The structure is essentially that of Bullitt, with period evocations of Terror by Night and The Enforcer.

This terribly dramatic and mysterious formulation (by Rudolph Borchert out of Michael Rhodes) yields to a key that balances it as conscious gag material. The star witness (Jan Murray) is a feint to deflate a booming District Attorney (Stuart Whitman), and who is murdered by his wife (Elizabeth Lane) lest he earn his reward, a ticket to paradise with a blonde.

Ralph Caesar is his name.


Father and Scout

“Dads & Lads” at Camp Buffalo Valley on Catalina Island. The L.A. writer is neurotic and complains, his adversary is a Gulf War veteran making the most of it.

At the treasure hunt in the abandoned mine, they both fall in.

A very amusing satire of the postmodern world as rundown summer camp.