Sea Wife

A most recondite, wonderful and brilliant allegory of the writer’s life. He publishes, encounters opposition, the analysis of the long shipwreck sequence constitutes the threatened “memoir” at the center of the controversy.

The allegorical elements are the writer, his dæmon, his muse, his adversary (known by nicknames as Biscuit, No. 4, Sea Wife, and Bulldog).

Rossellini would have made it his own, McNaught’s direction could not have been improved upon.

Observe the club critic deciding on a horse.


A Story of David
The Hunted

David dallies with Michal, the king’s daughter, jewels for kisses. The harp is called for. “God will slay his enemies” and the spear is flung.

In the wilderness, David recalls the water at Bethlehem, “sweeter than wine.” Abigail’s courtyard fountain, water is the offering on the stronghold’s altar, psalm 23.

By the still waters, Abigail’s reflection. A stone splashes David, Hezro demonstrating the sling.

David takes the spear and pitcher. Mountains on two sides, Saul’s army at either hand. “A horned wether here I see,” a pass shown away from the sore perplexing and bitterest of dilemmas.