Loan sharks accidentally kill a welcher, and a hardnosed Homicide lieutenant has the wrong man.

Springtime in New York

Itís a sunny New York day in springtime, or possibly early summer, and this provides the key to NBCís lighting system at this time.

The script also is quintessentially McCloud in some respects, starting several hares in a dramatic way and transcending them all in a dynamic conclusion.

McCloud is in Spanish Harlem on pawn shop detail. There is a young Puerto Rican tough on the verge of a life of crime... There is a Navajo girl and her wealthy admirer from, say, the Hamptons, who has dumped her and left her broke. There is Lt. Easton of Homicide, whose partner was killed in the line of duty, and who is set to retire in a month. There is Vincent, a new low-level mob executive, violent and careless.

McCloud goes undercover as an auto parts dealer short of cash (his company is called Southwestern Consolidated Industries). At the close, heís taken captive in a twin-engine aircraft out of La Guardia, and Chief Clifford commandeers another in pursuit. The aerial chase is sharply filmed (almost echoing Ulu Grosbardís Who Is Harry Kellerman and Why Is He Saying Those Terrible Things About Me?), with the same sun on the water and a virtuosic exterior lasting two or three seconds, filmed from the second plane, of McCloud subduing his captors seen through the windows.

Dick Haymes as mob middle management is brought on to demonstrate Vincentís ineptness in a brief scene.

Swackhamerís skill is everywhere evident. When Chief Clifford has to talk McCloud through a landing, Swackhamer shows you the field from the roof of a rescue vehicle heading toward the runway, then drops the camera down into the cab to look through the windshield past the uniformed driver and his silver-suited passenger.


Pat Hingle Lieutenant Easton
Christopher George
Vincent Burns
Lynda Day George
Stacey Decker
A Martinez
Larry Moreno
Dick Haymes
Bruce Carpenter
Herbert Jefferson Jr.
Father Livingston
Martin E. Brooks
Walter Bentley
Sandra Ego
Susan Blooming Bush
Woodrow Parfrey
Arden the Pawnbroker
Carmen Zapata
Mrs. Moreno
Larry Carroll
Helicopter Pilot
Richard OíBrien
Father Wallace

Story by Stephen Lord
Written by
Lou Shaw

Directed by E.W. Swackhamer

40504, 2.23.75

McCLOUD: Thatís kind of like a Gila monster.
ARDEN: Whatís a reptile got to do with it?
McCLOUD: Well, everybody knows itís got to eat, but nobody can find a bug whoís a witness.

McCLOUD: Yíknow, itís against the law to carry a knife.
MORENO: Whatís that to you?
McCLOUD: Iím a police officer.
MORENO: Yeah, right. And Iím Pancho Villa.

CHIEF CLIFFORD: (To McCloud.) Now, I assigned you to the pawn shop detail, and anything that doesnít have three balls over the front door is off limits to you.

McCLOUD: Yíknow, it must be a wonderful education to be partnered with a man like that.
SGT. BROADHURST: Well, he knows his business.
McCLOUD: So does a cobra, but you donít want to get in his way when heís conducting it.

(Lt. Easton accosts McCloud, who is undercover and knocks him unconscious.)
Remember the Alamo.
SGT. BROADHURST: Remember the Clifford!
STACEY DECKER: Whatís a Clifford?
McCLOUD: Youíre too young.

McCLOUD: ĎPreciate yí confidence, Chief.
McCLOUD: Yeah.
CHIEF CLIFFORD: Stay away from Easton.
McCLOUD: There ya go.

(Slogan on Los Angeles go-go bar marquee:)

McCLOUD: You mean he cracked, huh?
LT. EASTON: He confessed.
McCLOUD: So ya won.
LT. EASTON: The state won.

MECHANIC: Hey! Hey!! Are you checked out in this bird?
CHIEF CLIFFORD: You better believe it!

LT. EASTON: You donít have to worry, I flew for the Army in the big one.
CHIEF CLIFFORD: Iím not worried, I flew for the Navy in the real one.

(McCloud is in the pilotís seat.)
Have you ever flown a plane before?
McCLOUD: Ahhhhh... (He jerks his thumb over his shoulder.) only in the back.