A sublime analysis of the rich man drunk and sober in Chaplin’s City Lights, making clear with Stan and Ollie the basis in a famous anecdote concerning Philip of Macedon.


Men in Black

“For duty and humanity.”

Medical school holdovers go to work in a modern major big-city metropolitan hospital.


Three Little Pigskins

The Stooges are hired as The Three Horsemen to fill out a depleted college football team just before a big game. “You’re afraid you’re gonna lose your amateur status, eh?”



The Devil’s Party

This is the domain of Sergio Leone's Once Upon a Time in America, and is especially noteworthy for a sophisticated role in which Victor McLaglen is first seen wearing white tie and tails, not uncomfortably, but above all for the art of Ray McCarey, who has a simple view of complex plot developments, and a complex sense of scene construction. He knows when to pull the camera back and let the scene speak for itself, and when to assemble it by using one shot for every more or less complete action.


Passport To Destiny

The RSM’s widow goes to Berlin for a crack at “Mr. bloomin’ Hitler”.

She has a talisman that protects her from all harm, a “magic eye” that her husband brought from a temple, gift of an admirer.

“What is this,” the Nazi says to the char, “a new order?”

A couple of lovebirds in the German underground receive the benefit of her efforts.

“Lord Hee-Haw,” says a contemptuous Sturmführer.

Life in the Chancellery.

“You’re a stupid idiot!”

“Yes, sir.”

She gives her boss a swift kick and escapes to England with the pair, the punchline comes from the talisman, a penny souvenir.

Mrs. Muggins of Camberwell.