The Three Stooges Go Around the World in a Daze

The greatest thing to hit Britain since Roosevelt signed the lend-lease papers.

Larry, Moe & Curly-Joe accompany Phileas Fogg III on a reduplication of his ancestor’s exploit, a sucker bet this time proposed by a criminal mastermind “and not spend a farthing”.

In Calcutta, Tokyo and San Francisco, a variant of Punch Drunks involving the Sumo Championship of the World.

In China their brainwashers turn into The Three Stooges and paint a face on Chairman Mao.

The wager covers a robbery at the Regent St. Bank fobbed onto Fogg by the mastermind after a reading of Verne.

The Stooges are most punctilious Passepartouts, timing His Lordship’s breakfast to the second each morning, whisking him to the Reformers Club on the dot, and chiseling them all aboard a freighter to Istanbul on the first leg.

The fifth member of the party is a young lady tourist from Council Bluffs, Iowa met while stranded momentarily in the back of beyond.


The Outlaws Is Coming

A plot to take over the West by killing the buffalo and arming the enraged Indians.

Boston sends its top man from the Society for the Preservation of American Wildlife and three assistants.

The two classic and portentous gags are the greenhorn firing his new six-shooter for the first time at his own hat, which disappears, and Moe the assistant pausing after a hard day of running conservation leaflets off the press to sit down on a chair covered with bindery glue.

Every outlaw in the West gets hired to fight the Boston men, but all are subdued with bindery glue and some go on to become TV heroes.

Annie Oakley herself looks after the greenhorn, she’s taken a shine.

Goofs and Saddles fills in for the tardy cavalry at the end, minus the monkey.

Nancy Kovack tall, petite and ineffable as Annie, Adam West the incredibly green greenhorn, with Don Lamond as Rance Roden, Mort Mills his henchman Trigger Mortis, a cast of thousands including the buffalo, and The Three Stooges.


Kook’s Tour

The Three Stooges are stars fifty years in the business who’ve suddenly realized that all they ever saw of the country was the inside of their dressing rooms, so what did they do? “We quit!”

They load a camping vehicle, hitch up a motorboat and drive down from the Hollywood hills to the airport, where a TWA Cargojet flies the whole thing to Idaho for some fishing and sightseeing.

Larry can’t catch a fish, but his hat studded with lures does, which is a fine joke on the premise.

Lots of beautiful country, the Stooges pretending to play themselves (Moe forgets and combs his hair down for a moment by mistake), really a Columbia short expanded in color with easygoing gags and pleasant company, Curly-Joe and his cigar, Moose their dog, wildlife of various kinds.