The Bone Yard
The Wednesday Play

PC hears Jesus on his night beat, inspector assumes it’s a PC lately interred.

A vicar is called in. C. of E.? “A qualified yes.” The vicar? “A qualified no.”

And so it goes. Wife is neglected, inspector fills in, claims the voice was his.

Sorrowful women want to know what was said.


Moonlight on the Highway

The lure of the past in an Appreciation Society that kills the thing stone dead at the annual gathering, here dedicated to Al Bowlly.

A sage psychiatry allows the truth to surface in one tormented by the war.


Robin Redbreast
Play for Today

Country matters, the sorting out by rustication of a lady television script editor from London by way of Cambridge.

Lady Chatterley has her part to play, and the legend of the title, also “The Golden Bough, in seven volumes,” as well as Hitchcock’s The Birds.

A masterpiece by John Bowen to compare with A Photograph (dir. John Glenister).


The Duchess of Malfi

How that Church and State conspire at her end for contracting marriage with a clerk, a soldier is to their purpose.

Prince and churchman and soldier and clerk all go to it, for the better edification of all.

And there you have it, the finest play ever written on such a theme.

Eileen Atkins, Charles Kay, T.P. McKenna, Michael Bryant, Cedric Messina, producer.