Smokey and the Bandit III

A surrealistic examination of the situation laid out in the original and sequel. The sporting demiurges (Pat McCormick & Paul Williams) bring Sheriff Justice out of his Florida retirement to bear an advertising signboard in the form of a shark on top of his cruiser, between the bubble gum machines. The Bandit, or rather Cletus, is set in pursuit.

The report that Gleason played both parts before re-shooting may have originated here, as itís plainly in the script that Smokey is the Bandit, at last.

The conclusion is a very nice analysis of The Great Race. Lots of charming gags, Colleen Camp, the usual gang of idiots, and some of the more spectacular stunt work seen on film since Yakima Canutt worked for Hawks and Ford, in a bit that has some Klansmen tarred and feathered by misadventure.