Runaway Train

A ferociously delirious blast through the history of the Soviet Union, you can’t imagine anything more snowblindingly funny in its way. There is a very remarkable citation at some length, in fact corresponding to the original, of the rescue sequence in Airport 1975 (in which a man at the end of a rope is inserted into the cockpit). Here, this is exponentially intensified as a warden trying to retake the train from the escaped felon.

Jon Voight’s performance is a new epoch after Dustin Hoffman’s in Straight Time.


Tango & Cash

A frame job executed by Jack Palance (a well-calculated performance) against two LAPD cops who wisecrack cop-style, treated in a cinematic style not far removed from Dali's Tuna Fishers, and shot through with a sort of Platonic treatise on agape or eros.